The film that has gone by numerous titles, although lovingly referred to by insiders as simply Kissy Cousins, Monster Babies or KCMB, is a multi-award-winning gem, screened once upon a time at the Cannes Film Festival. But just like Elvis who morphs before your eyes in all his celluloid glory, Kissy Cousins, Monster Babies also morphed from its original 1990s version to the outrageous and altogether unique mash-up that it is today. Kissy Cousins, Monster Babies was initially shot in the years spanning 1992-94 in seven states and Washington, DC. Ahead of its time, it has been called “prophetic” with countless homages to pop culture, Hollywood, and classic films.

Fast forward to today. With fantastic new footage that enhances the original, Kissy Cousins, Monster Babies is now better and more relevant than ever! It’s message spans across generations of theatre-goers. It has all the beloved kitsch of nineties retro AND the contemporary flair of today. Think Hot Tub Time Machine colliding with The Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Producers — how’s that for the best, most dynamic mash-up imaginable?!

**Kissy Cousins, Monster Babies and Morphing Elvis is available in three versions — 90 minutes, 40 minutes, and 30 minutes — to suit your viewing pleasure!

Director’s Statement

What began more than 26 years ago as a quick, down-and-dirty idea for a direct-to-video film “morphed” (to use the vintage post-production lexicon) into over a quarter of a century journey down the rabbit hole of creativity and changing technology and life imitating art. Kissy Cousins, Monster Babies and Morphing Elvis (KCMB) is a social and political satire that I believe is as relevant today as it was when we shot our first footage for the film in 1992 as well as our last piece in 2018. KCMB spans not only the vacillating societal and political motifs over the past 25 years, but is a reflection, as well as a product, of the changing technology in the industry. KCMB contains not only 35mm, 16mm, and Super 8 mm footage, but also 4K HD sequences. Originally shot on film, edited on video, then new footage as recent as 2018 shot on HD and edited on HD, KCMB has grown up with the generation that has evolved with the shift from the analog to the digital age. But more important than anything else, I hope that KCMB is an intellectually stimulating, thought-provoking, and hysterically funny film.                                                                                — Wayne J. Keeley